Manager Business Development

Job description

Have you ever dreamed about training, coaching, growing and leading a team? Designing your own processes? Pivoting your way to success? Constructing and executing a go-to-market strategy? Engaging in different aspects of the business? Then stop searching, Virtuagym is looking for YOU!


What’s this all about?

Virtuagym has grown fast, very fast. From roughly 30 employees in 2015 to over 150 in 2018. This wouldn’t have been possible without a great product, great people, great vision and great leadership. Yet, in that last category, we still see room for improvements.


‘Let’s expedite our growth’ is a phrase you’ll hear frequently at Virtuagym. Like any other SaaS party we’re always on the lookout to go grow even faster than we already do. Well, in order to do exactly that, we need somebody who takes the lead. In this role, you will oversee your very own team of fully employed in-house BDR’s, hungry and excited part time students and account executives. You will be the expert in the outbound space that sets everyone up for success!


Yet another step in our journey

Where Virtuagym previously fully relied on inbound leads, we now envision to supplement this demand by going outbound. This means you not only have the chance to lead an entire team, you will also be the driving factor behind Virtuaygm’s latest growth engine. Literally everything in this position will be around one specific thing: accelerating our growth through new style business development! By cooperating with the head’s of our focus countries, defining account based strategies, designing your playbook, constructing dashboards with your preferable metrics you’ll align each and every stakeholder in order to aggressively enter markets, put together demos and win market share. All with one goal in mind: becoming the dominating fitness software!


What your new challenge looks like

You wake up, a brand new day ahead. What’s the next most urgent challenge to tackle? How are you going to prioritize? And what will bring the biggest short term wins, while factoring in the long term? Yesterday you put together a plan to enhance the intro part of the outbound call, the week prior you finished a reporting strategy to keep all stakeholders aligned (they loved seeing the first great results!) and next week you want to drastically change the go-to-market sequences for the French Dutch market. In conclusion, expect a vibrant position in which priorities constantly shift. However, the best part, is that you determine what’s the next best thing to do.


Things you might do

First of all, our ideal candidate is a person who gets a big smile on his or her face when we tell you that your responsibilities most-likely have changed 6 months from now.  You will need to tell us what your team needs, explain us why, align all stakeholders and grow demand! From the get-go, you will likely focus on the following:


  • Developing an outbound strategy that will allow us to grow revenue, decrease customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increase customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Seeking out, implementing and pulling off a CRM that sets you up for efficiency

  • Collaborating with marketing to design kick-ass campaigns to successfully approach each and every of your top tier accounts

  • Leading your direct reports, the outbound BDR team, on their quest to make as many businesses aware of Virtuagym’s benefits.

  • Guiding all sales people in overachieving their outbound targets

  • Driving enterprise acquisition forward to attract new flagship customers

  • Being the outbound leads’ voice in order to enable product to prioritize based on potential customer requirements

  • Liaising and helping the marketing organization in optimizing the lead nurture strategies.

  • Researching new opportunities for Virtuagym including but not limited to the product, pricing and localization of our communication

  • Working with HR and senior leadership in evolving our performance management, allowing our people to grow to new heights



  • Strong leadership; people WANT to follow you

  • Proactiveness; you will show everybody the way

  • Positive attitude; even when not everything goes your way

  • Dynamic mindset; things will be changing constantly, hold tight or don’t even try

  • Commercial mindset; growth is your middle name

  • Technical skills & get shit done mentality; pushing buttons is what you’ve always loved!

  • Problem solving attitude; “ain't no mountain high enough...”

  • Experience in both sales & marketing; you know what to do to get revenue on the short term

What Do We Offer?

  • A challenging full time position and great potential for you to grow and develop yourself
  • You can grow into the role, such as growing to a medior or senior role
  • Great freedom and autonomy to take ownership, make decisions and have major impacts
  • Various extra benefits such as: free gym membership, free fruit, social activities and more!
  • Good compensation and 25 paid holidays per year (public holidays excluded)
  • Pension scheme
  • Unique start-up company culture with motivated and fun colleagues in the beautiful center of Amsterdam!

Do We Have Your Attention?

Please do not hesitate to apply!

For more information, please call +31202619440.

Acquisition is not appreciated.